Promoting Excellence in FASD Practice


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Promoting Excellence in FASD Practice

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The Oxford Foundation for FASD is a professional membership based organisation, with four distinct streams: medical & healthcare; legal & justice; education; social care (including local government) which encourages research and disseminates professional best practice, across all disciplines, in regards to FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorders).


With an increase both in the number of children and young people being diagnosed with FASD and general awareness of the condition, many UK researchers and practitioners - across all disciplines - are becoming concerned with the paucity of UK research and evidence-based best practice in this field.  It is this situation which The Oxford Foundation for FASD aims to reverse, promoting new research and excellence in FASD practice.


The Oxford Foundation for FASD also works internationally, in an effort to place the UK at the forefront of this field on the world stage.  As part of its international reach, the Foundation actively welcomes overseas members and hosts the International Parliamentary Group on FASD.


We look forward to you joining us.